Trend: Military Veterans Found Acquisition Group to Serve Community in a New Way After the Purchase of an HVAC Company

Around 200,000 service members transition out of the military to civilian life each year with a unique set of skills and a desire to help their country. This is a story of how the acquisition group, Metis, was founded by two military veterans from the special operations community, Troy Daland and Brion Youtz,  and the role that EJ-Vestco Industries played with their purchase of a local HVAC company, Air Zero.  

Troy and Brion founded Metis group, and knew they wanted to be in the HVAC industry. Finding the right company was important to them, and their military background taught them the value of having skills. With the help and guidance from EJ-Vestco Industries, they performed due diligence on several companies before finding the right business for them. The acquisition itself went smoothly, and they now had to study the vertical challenges that come with such a vital trade skill in the HVAC industry. 

“Giving back to the military community is very important to me as my father was a World War II veteran. When I first met Troy, I was struck by his level of professionalism and his desire to serve his community in new ways after years of service in the special operations community. I knew immediately that I wanted to help Troy and Brion find the right HVAC company, and to act as a mentor as they found their own acquisition group with the goal of helping other veterans,” said Errol Menke, General Partner of EJ-Vestco Industries. 

Troy and Brion founded Metis with the goal of now serving the community in which they live, play and raise a family. “Brion and I founded Metis with the goal of serving others, and we want to provide a professional work environment, growth opportunities, and foster a great culture for what we feel is an often-overlooked population of skilled craftsmen in the trades.”

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