EJ-Vestco Industries, LLC

The firm can assist with many business areas from strategic insights, tactical planning and implementation, to consulting services covering operating functions - product /service perspectives and analysis, and operational manufacturing and delivery functions. We also provide assistance for preparedness and prevention from a physical disaster, such as a fire or plant explosion, recovery management and advisory services in the event of an incident.

Company Strengths

of hands-on business management, sound strategic direction, and acquisition implementation.


to partner with talented management teams, and develop positive, open and constructive relationships that foster long-term value creation.


to provide leadership and consulting services on corporate boards, private and public, large and small private enterprises.



as preeminent in confidentially serving and guiding closely held private companies through the difficulties of primary financing, refinancing, divestitures and small acquisitions, and with highly confidential and sensitive issue of succession planning.


confidentially with banks and private equity groups to aid in turnarounds, corporate management and business recovery plans, and outright mergers and acquisitions.


extensive corporate, financing, and operational management excellence experience, and a world class associate knowledge bank covering many industry sectors and functional disciplines.