EJ-Vestco Industries, LLC

Principal Officers

Errol J. Menke

Principal Officers & Associates

John J. Kaziow

Mr. Menke has been in the investment business for the past 35 plus years, involved in both equity activities, and as a business and financial advisor, and lead executive. He specializes in structuring private equity

acquisitions, strategic planning and implementation, and executive management across a number of manufacturing, services, media and consumer industries. He is a co-founder of EJ-Vestco, and prior to that, was the lead executive and architect in successful joint investments and buildups with Chase Capital Partners. Mr. Menke was also a former board and executive director of Laporte plc.  (formerly the second largest public multi-national specialty chemicals company in Great Britain). While at Laporte, he held several operational and senior corporate positions, including being responsible for three major $1billion plus revenue divisions.  Prior to joining Laporte, he was with a Boston-based investment banking firm for over 10 years. He has an MBA from Babson and serves on multiple corporate boards, including charity organizations.

Mr. Kaziow is a co-founder of EJ-Vestco. He has had extensive international business operating experience, and has held a number of lead executive and board level positions. He has completed many acquisition and business sale transactions worldwide, in addition to consulting on numerous search, evaluation, and acquisitions assignments for major banks and private equity institutions. Mr. Kaziow was also a CEO of several operating divisions of the specialty chemical group, Laporte plc, and held various senior management positions with the pharmaceutical company, Wellcome plc (now GSK). Mr. Kaziow currently serves on several corporate boards, and various charitable organizations.  He has an MBA from the Manchester Business School, (Manchester University - Great Britain).

Investment Partners and Advisory Board

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