Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

EJ Vestco Areas of Interest
EJ Vestco Specialty Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals & Supplies

Plastics & Rubber Chemicals & Additives

Lubricant, Oil, Wax, Resins & Petroleum Products

EJ Vestco Specialty Material and Toll Manufacturing


Materials Drying, Milling/Grinding & Particle Sizing

Color Pigments & Additives

Metal Oxides & Ceramic Materials

Plastic Resins, Compounding, Extrusion & Molding

Toll Manufacturing Services

EJ Vestco Applied Sciences

Microneutrients & Supplements – Food and Agricultural

Pharma Ingredients and Supplements

Water Treatment Products & Services

Biocides, Insecticides & Pesticides

Construction Products & Materials

Adhesives & Sealants

Powder and Paint Coatings

EJ Vestco Alternative and Renewable Energy

Fuel Cell Materials & Technologies

Battery Materials & Technologies

Wind, Solar and Other Alternative Energy Materials