EJ-Vestco Industries, LLC

EJ-Vestco focuses on high potential opportunities - some of the selected industries (manufacturing, services, branded and industrial products – commercial and retail) include:

In our investment and consultative capacities, our philosophy is to maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty and trust at all times, and believe success is created from mutually collaborative partnership dynamics and respect.

Focus and Investment Criteria

- Established Industries

- Strong Market Position

- Technically Innovative


- Preference for corporate orphans

- Serves identifiable niche markets

- Committed operating management team

- Opportunities for sector consolidation via bolt-on acquisition

- Equipment and manufacturing capability

- If part of a diversified company, operates as a self-standing subsidiary or division

- Minimal environmental issues

- Target would benefit from dynamic management and world-class specialty strategic direction




Target Atributes

- North America

- Europe

- Asia

- Specialty Chemicals

- Filtration: Chemical, Mechanical

- Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics

- Pigments, Plastics, Resins, Inks

- Food Processing Technologies

- Lubrication, Grease

- Minerals