Investment Portfolio

EJ Vestco Investment Portfolio

A-Lung is the leading provider of low-flow extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal and blood oxygenation technologies for treating patients varied acute respiratory conditions with its revolutionary Hemolung Respiratory Assist System. The business is in current FDA approval and commercial development stage, and EJ-Vestco is a co-seed investor in this company.

Fibro Chem, LLC

FibroChem is a dye, lubricant, and specialty chemicals formulator and manufacturer of products for a wide variety of industries since 1975. Specializing in additives, process lubricants and color for formulations and materials, the business provides highly creative, cost-effective and innovative solutions to many manufacturing processes. Products include Dyes, Pigments, Process Aids, Surface Modifiers, Lubricants, and standard & custom Specialty Chemicals. Dalton, Georgia is home to the operation’s headquarters, laboratories and production facilities. 

This business was acquired by EJ-Vestco Industries in 2004.  Manufacturing epoxy resins formula products for all kinds Renal Solutions is a leading innovator in the field of sorbent dialysis. EJ-Vestco partnership was a seed investor through the company’s successful FDA approval phase and commercialization. It was successfully sold in 2007 to a strategic buyer, Fresenius Medical, a global leader in dialysis products and services.