EJ-Vestco Industries, LLC

A-Lung Technologies Inc.

A-Lung is the leading provider of low-flow extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal and blood oxygenation technologies for treating patients varied acute respiratory conditions with its revolutionary Hemolung Respiratory Assist System. The business is in current FDA approval and commercial development stage, and EJ-Vestco is a co-seed investor in this company. www.alung.com

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC

“Your expert source for particle sizing, spray drying, calcining and powder processing”.

PPT was formed on the separation of PowderTech Corp from NTK of Japan and sale of interest to EJ-Vestco Industries in July of 2002. Upon acquisition, EJ-Vestco successfully set and implemented a strategic market and operational redirection for the business. This included the capital funding to expand facility and equipment infrastructure and capabilities, and customer product development services. Based in Valparaiso Indiana, PPT is a producer of Custom Blended highly complex materials, in addition to being a major supplier of Low Sintering Temperature Ferrites, Fully Sintered Ferrites, and Ready to Press Nickel Zinc Ferrite Powders. This business has a growing capability of serving a wide range of industrial powder specific needs. The business supplies products to the Catalyst, Color Pigment, Ceramic, and Foundry industries just to list a few. Please reach out to us for any custom processing needs at www.pptechnology.com

Current Portfolio

Powder Processing & Technology, LLC

Medrobotics is the leader through its patented and FDA approved Flex Robotic System that enables minimally invasive surgical procedures. EJ-Vestco is a co-seed investor in this company supporting progress through FDA approval and its current commercial development stage. www.medrobotics.com

NAK Construction Services, LLC

Acquired by EJ-Vestco in 2018, NAK Kiln Services is headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia. For over 30 years the company has been a leader in repairs & maintenance services for rotary kilns, calciners, related equipment, and ancillary equipment for customers throughout North America. The company's core competencies include Fabrication, New Installations, Repairing and/or Maintaining direct and indirect heated kiln and calciner equipment, and supplying related new and refurbished critical parts. Plans are underway to continue to expand the business in the areas outlined. To learn more please go to www.nak-kiln.com

For over 40 years, CinChemPro has been a leader in the custom contract chemical industry. The operations are knowledgeable in managing an extensive range of materials - organic/inorganic materials, and biological products - and has the equipment and expertise to handle a wide variety of client chemical processing needs. From commercial production runs to new process development and production scale-up services, CinChemPro offers Spray- Drying, Repackaging, Crushing, Milling, Grinding, Particle Sizing, and Dry Blending Services. Since the businesses acquisition be EJ-Vestco in 2018, processes have been upgraded and expanded. For more information/business contact please go to www.cinchempro.com

CinChemPro, LLC

Fibro Chem, LLC

FibroChem is a dye, lubricant, and specialty chemicals formulator and manufacturer of products for a wide variety of industries since 1975. Specializing in additives, process lubricants and color for formulations and materials, the business provides highly creative, cost-effective and innovative solutions to many manufacturing processes. Products include Dyes, Pigments, Process Aids, Surface Modifiers, Lubricants, and standard & custom Specialty Chemicals. Dalton, Georgia is home to the operation's headquarters, laboratories and production facilities. Look the business up at www.fibrochem.com