EJ Vesto Past Portfolio
Vinings Industries, Inc

Vinings Industries, Inc. (“Vinings”) is a specialty chemicals company serving primarily the pulp and paper, mineral preservation and mining industries. Management, EJ-Vestco Industries, and Chase Capital Partners in November 1995 acquired Vinings. Vinings had revenues and EBITDA of circa $45 million and $5 million, respectively. In addition to new sales initiatives, product development, and other internal efficiency efforts, several add-on facilities were acquired across the United States, and two non-core operating product lines sold. These organic and strategic acquisitions/disposals culminated in Vinings revenues and EBITDA of over $180 million and $28 million, respectively before the business was successfully sold to Kemira Chemicals in 2002.

Magnox Inc

Magnox Specialty Products was acquired from Mitsui Mining & Chemicals of Japan in 1999. The MSP business had sales in excess of $25 million and specializes in the manufacturer of specialty magnetic iron oxides; color pigments, transparent iron oxides and toner magnetite. EJ-Vestco, who had substantial operating experience in this sector, developed the growth and acquisition strategies to further enhance the Magnox market position through continued diversification, and new product development for applications in cosmetics, abrasives, and catalysts.  Since the acquisition a number of capital projects to add capacity were completed. Several new product lines were launched, including a line of high performance transparent oxides, and new patented product development in the area of nano-scale particle technology. This business was sold in 2005.

Seamco Inc

This business was acquired by EJ-Vestco Industries in 2004.  Manufacturing epoxy resins formula products for all kinds of commercial, residential, and industrial concrete applications, geared to providing solutions for all kinds of flooring needs, concrete walls, logos and designs, pools, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. The business was subsequently sold in 2005 to a strategic acquirer with a strong interest in the brand.

Polymer Partners, LLC

Polymer Partners, LLC was formed in February 2000 by EJ-Vestco to acquire from the Clariant Corporation its Henderson, Kentucky plastics masterbatch manufacturing facility and business. Through the development of products, and injection of new capital expenditure, EJ-Vestco assisted management to significantly expand the businesses markets, customers, and revenues. The business was successfully sold to a major industry strategic buyer, RTP Corporation, in July 2015.

Smart Talk Media, LLC

What began as a women’s lecture series in 1991 was grown into one of the most powerful and entertaining live events in the nation. The business was purchased in 2007 and was expanded through venue and speaker line-up investment, to create an exciting blend of presenters from Hollywood superstars to political powerhouses. The business was successfully disposed during 2015.